Weekend in the Woods

This weekend, I was able to spend some time at my grandparents’ cabin in the woods.

Now, forget for just a few minutes the fact that “Cabin in the Woods” is the name of a horror movie, and just think about the woods in the daytime. Think about the trees blowing softly in the breeze. Think about the birds chirping. Think about that feeling you get when you see a deer through the trees; the feeling that nature is all around you and that most of the time you’re missing out on it.

I love being able to go out to the cabin every so often to refresh and recharge my batteries. It’s nice and quiet out in the woods with just me and my thoughts. I love to sit outside on the deck with a cup of coffee; to be silent and just listen to nature.

I usually bring my dog out to the cabin with me, and he loves it. I let him off the leash as soon as we get there, and he’s always so happy to be able to run around freely. He loves to chase the chipmunks (although he never catches them) and one time he even ran off after a great big groundhog.

My tiny little dog has gotten so brave at the cabin. The first time I brought him out to the woods and let him off the leash, he didn’t know what to do. He never left my side throughout the whole weekend, and wouldn’t even leave the safety of the deck to pee unless I was right there next to him.

But now, he has turned into Adventure Dog. He still always comes back and trots along right at my heels, but now he is brave enough to zoom off down the trail on his own to chase small animals.

I love to let my creativity flow out in the woods, and often I’ll bring my journal or my ukulele out to the cabin. There’s really no better feeling than the one of writing while listening to the birds, or of playing ukulele and singing into the trees. And after it begins to get dark, I return inside and light a fire in the fireplace. It’s such a peaceful and rejuvenating experience. This time, I brought my crocheting. I’m currently working on a blanket, and I spent a few hours crocheting in front of the fire, which was incredibly relaxing.


Unfortunately, this trip to the cabin was cut short by the weather. Friday was a beautiful early-Spring day with clear skies… but Saturday turned right back into winter. I woke up to snow on the ground, and realized that I would have to leave the cabin before it was too late. I definitely needed to be back in town on Sunday, and if it kept snowing, I would be snowed in. As you might imagine, there aren’t very many snowplows out in the woods.

But even though I had to cut my weekend short, I’m still feeling the benefits of spending time in nature. I feel happier and more relaxed. I’ve gotten rid of most of the school-related stress that was weighing on me before the weekend, and I’m feeling rejuvenated and ready to start a new week.

Spending time in nature is one of my favorite ways to relax and de-stress. I love the peace and quiet that the woods provide, and I love the way that nature can quiet my mind. A lot of the time, I find myself thinking about multiple things at once and stressing over getting things done, but being out in the woods helps me calm my thoughts and just focus on being mindful and present.

I’m already looking forward to the next time I can spend a weekend in the woods.

Be happy. Be healthy.

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