A Lesson in Physics as it Relates to Life

Wait, what? Physics? I thought this was a health/wellness/lifestyle/self care blog??

You got me. I’m not actually going to teach you a science lesson in this blog post.

What I want to talk about, though, is Newton’s first law of motion. This law states something to the effect of “an object in motion remains in motion, and an object at rest remains at rest.”

I took a physics class in high school, and I learned about Newton’s laws of motion… but like most teenagers, I didn’t think physics (or any other class, really) actually applied to real life.

Years later, I’m now in my twenties, and I began thinking about Newton’s first law of motion again yesterday.

I’ve noticed that when I have days off, I tend to sleep in and laze around the house all day. Maybe this sounds familiar to you? I sleep late, stay in my pajamas, and my whole day involves sitting on the couch and counting down the hours until it’s time for my next meal.

However, when I have long days with many commitments, I find myself being exponentially more productive. I wake up early to eat breakfast and get to my commitments on time. I find myself with energy to last me through the whole day. Even after I finish work, I find myself coming home from a long day and wanting to cross a few items off my to do list.

It seems a little backwards. Why would I have extra energy on days that take the most out of me? Why do I get absolutely nothing done on days where I have endless free time?

I think it’s because of a little thing called Newton’s First Law of Motion.

An object in motion remains in motion. When I wake up early, and go, go, go all day long, my body wants to remain in motion. After getting things done all day, I feel so productive that I don’t want to quit.

Conversely, an object at rest remains at rest. When I wake up late, and have nothing to do all day, that’s exactly what I do.

It seems strange, but even easy tasks seem like too much work for me as an object at rest. For example, let’s say the trash needs to be taken out. When I’m an object at rest, taking the trash out seems like a monumental task, and one that can certainly be put off until tomorrow.

But when I’m an object in motion, taking the trash out seems like just another small task to add to my to do list. I’ve been checking things off my to do list all day, and I want to keep that feeling of productivity going, so I take the trash out.

So now that I know that Newton’s first law actually applies to my life… how can I apply this knowledge?

Simple. I just have to get the object (myself) into motion.

Here are a few simple ways I’ve found to get myself in motion, and make my whole day more productive:

  • Wake Up Early. Set an alarm, and actually stick to it. It’s always hard for me to make myself get out of bed on my days off, but I know that I have a better shot at a productive day when I get up on time.
  • Make a To Do List. I don’t know about you, but I love crossing items off my to do list. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. Try to create your to do list the night before, so you have some direction in the morning.
  • Plan to Eat Breakfast. I know it’s a cliche that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but you really can’t be your most productive self on an empty stomach! Try to get some good nutrition into your body first thing in the morning, and that will set you up for a solid and productive day.
  • Exercise. Getting in some good exercise first thing in the morning can really set you up for success. I find that I’m much more awake and ready for the day after a run and a shower.


Wow. I never knew that high school physics would be so relevant to my daily life!

May you be an object in motion today, and may you be productive as hell.

Be happy. Be healthy.


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