6 Things I Learned from 30 Days of Yoga

Thirty days ago, I embarked on a journey.

A yoga journey.

With the goal of beginning a daily yoga practice, I started a thirty-day yoga series.

With the help of a daily yoga video, I made sure to carve out some time in each day for my practice.

I began this journey as a yoga novice. Even though I harbor a crazy dream of becoming a yoga instructor (a dream which came to me before I had ever taken a single yoga class), I didn’t practice as often as I wanted to. I went to the occasional yoga class, but I very rarely did yoga on my own at home.

I committed the month of June to my practice. Each day, I promised to show up on my yoga mat, no matter what.

And now, on Day 30, I want to share with you what I’ve learned about myself, yoga, and life in general.


Things I’ve Learned from 30 Days of Yoga


One: I am not as flexible as I thought.

I used to be flexible. But apparently when your workout routine consists of only running, you lose a lot of flexibility in your legs.

Two: My arms are weak af.

Along the lines of the last point, apparently when you do nothing to strengthen your arms, your arms get weak. This I learned from numerous downward facing dog poses, planks, and flows.

Three: Morning yoga is amazing.

I fell into a routine of waking up, making and eating breakfast, doing my daily yoga, and then going for a run. While on some days I had to wake up obnoxiously early to fit everything in, my morning yoga was incredibly beneficial. Doing yoga helped clear my head and get me into a good mindset to take on the day. It also gave me a great warm-up before my run, and gave me time to digest my breakfast before running.

I found that when I didn’t budget out enough time for me to do my yoga in the morning, and had to push it back until later in the day, my day just wasn’t the same.

Four: It’s okay to take up space.

This one goes a little deeper. As a woman, I find myself actively trying not to take up too much space. When I take the bus, I squeeze myself close to the wall so that the aisle seat has plenty of room.

However, one of the things repeated over and over in my daily yoga videos was “take up some space.” It is okay to take up space. It’s okay to not squish yourself down as far as possible. You belong in this world, and this world must make room for you.

Five: I’m actually not bad at the poses!

I honestly kind of thought I wasn’t good at yoga, because I don’t always get the pose exactly right, and sometimes I lose my balance. When I would take yoga classes, the instructor never told me “you’re doing it perfect!”, instead they would give me notes about what I could improve.

However, a couple times I actually recorded myself moving through the yoga poses along with the video, and guess what? I actually look like I know what I’m doing! My poses look strong and yoga-y!

Six: Yoga is much more than contorting your body.

Yoga is not just about the poses. They definitely factor in, but yoga is about your mindset, paying attention to your breath, and being aware and present in your body. Yoga is more than just the physical, but the mental and spiritual as well.


Would I recommend a 30-day yoga series? Absolutely. In fact, I may start a new one right away for July. I’ve learned so much about myself, yoga, and life that I’m honestly sad this thirty days is over. But this is certainly not the end of my yoga practice. I will continue to grow and learn, and hopefully keep up with a daily practice.

Be Happy. Be Healthy.


P.S. If you’re looking for a 30-day series, I highly recommend True: 30 Day Yoga Journey from Yoga with Adriene. The videos are free on YouTube, and she has a daily email guide to accompany them.



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