My 40-Day Run Streak

It all started with a post that I saw in one of my running groups on Facebook. Someone posted that she would be doing a run streak from Memorial Day until the 4th of July, and if anyone else wanted to do a run streak as well, they could keep each other accountable and share their progress.

I love the feeling of community that comes with a challenge like this, so I decided to commit to my own run streak.

The rules were simple. Run every day, at least one mile. Keep the streak going.

This streak took some serious dedication, and dragging myself out the door to run was not always easy. There were days where I had zero free time, and had to wake up at 5:00am to get my run in. There was one day where I barely squeezed in my daily run at 11:00pm. There were days I had to run in the rain. There were days I wanted to quit, because running in the summer heat can be terrible.

I didn’t quit.

I persisted.

I actually ended up extending my streak past the cutoff I had set for myself. I had committed to running every day until the 4th of July… but Independence Day marked Day 39 of my run streak, and I wanted to make it an even 40.

I documented my daily progress on Instagram stories, proving to my followers that not only could I run, but I could also count.

Yes, I clearly have a favorite running hat.

(Side note: hats are my favorite running accessory. Keeps the sun out of your eyes and your hair out of your face!)

As you can tell, some runs were great, some were good, and, judging by my face on Days 11 and 35, some were awful. Not every run is a good run, and that’s okay.

Here’s my favorite thing about doing a run streak: resolve and accountability. At no point during the last 40 days did I hem and haw over whether or not I should run. I had resolved and committed to a run streak, and that was that. It was just a matter of when I would fit my run in that day.

Unless I’m in the midst of a strict training program, I usually have just a little bit of convincing to do when talking myself into going for a run. Not because I don’t like running, but just because it feels like a hassle to find time to change into running clothes, run, shower, and then stop sweating long enough to put clothes and makeup back on.

My run streak did away with all my indecisiveness, and made me just get up and go.

One thing I’ve learned from a summer run streak (that I should have known already), is how important it is to get up early and run before it gets hot. My “this was dreadful” face from day 35 was entirely because of the heat. I didn’t wake up early, and ended up doing my 5 mile run at almost noon with the sun beating down on me. The heat index was 101°. It was honestly terrible, but I learned my lesson.

Overall, this run streak was an amazing experience. I proved to myself that I am strong and dedicated. And, like my favorite shirt says, I am fierce and focused.

I may even make this Memorial-Day-to-July-4th Streak an annual tradition. 🙂

Be Happy. Be Healthy.



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