Hi! My name is Lizzy, and I’m super passionate about self-care. Yes, I love bubble baths and face masks, but to me, self-care is about more than that. Self-care means being mindful of YOU. It means taking care of your health and happiness, both physical and mental. It means self-preservation.

I always thought I was “healthy,” because I maintained a good weight, exercised occasionally, and never missed a day of school or work. However… the reason I never missed school was that I had this idea in my head that if I missed a day of school, I would fall far behind and have to play catch up. I never missed a day of work because I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone, or let anyone down. So while I never missed a day, and thought that this made me “healthy,” there were definitely times when I was sick with a bad cold and still made myself follow through on my commitments, probably exposing others to my germs. I wasn’t healthy, I was just stubbornly pushing through being sick.

This all culminated after I graduated from college and decided to run a half marathon. Two of my friends had just ran their own half marathons, and my competitive spirit kicked in, telling me that of course I could do what they could, even though the farthest I had ever run was a 5K.

I was a few weeks into my training program when I realized that I was nowhere near as healthy as I thought I was. I finished the last mile of my weekly long runs feeling completely drained, which left me feeling lethargic the rest of the day and made me pretty useless. When my long runs got up to 9 and 10 miles, I was having to stop mid-run to take a break and walk, which is NOT what I wanted to happen on race day.

I knew that I needed to take control of my health, and I needed to do more than just exercising. I needed to work on the nutrition that I was putting into my body. Fortunately, I had an amazing friend who shared with me the power of nutrition, and helped me find an easy way to flood my body with more fruits and vegetables every single day.

Almost immediately, my long runs became smoother. I was able to run the whole distance without stopping to walk. I started feeling less total exhaustion after a long run, and stopped being so totally useless and lethargic post-run. It was an incredible change, and I started to become aware of how good my body was designed to feel. When you fuel your body with good nutrition, your body starts to function better on a cellular level, which makes everything work better.

With this added nutrition, I was able to run my very first half marathon successfully! Since then, I have run three half marathons total, and I’m currently training for my fourth. I am so grateful for my sweet friend who cared about me enough to share this easy way to get more nutrition into my system daily.

Thanks for stopping by to hear my story, I really appreciate it! I hope you’ll find value in my blog, and I hope my content encourages you to invest more in your own self care, whatever that means for you.

Be happy. Be healthy.

Love, Lizzy